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  2019 // Matter Matters
  2018 // Poudre aux yeux
  2018 // The Tillers’ Roaches
  2018 // Post industrial animism  
  2016 // Moskito 
  2015 // Corhea
  2014 // Parure
  2013 // Portrait-Robot    
  2012 // Grow




Reflection on funeral rituals

Corhea is in the shape of a support for funeral rites and consists of two parts. A marble and burned wood base that can contain a flame, and a small dish in brass filled with balls of paraffin wax. The latter is intended to accommodate a photo of the deceased, things that belonged to him or other objects such as our last words to him.

The paraffin wax liquefies under the influence of heat. The objects that were on top of it therefore flow under the liquefied paraffin wax Once the fire is out, the paraffin wax solidifies and the objects inside slowly disappear under a white veil.

The process can be repeated: the paraffin wax which hides objects liquefies agai and the content in the small dish then reappears.



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