Xavier Montoy


  2019 // Matter Matters
  2018 // Poudre aux yeux
  2018 // The Tillers’ Roaches
  2018 // Post industrial animism  
  2016 // Moskito 
  2015 // Corhea
  2014 // Parure
  2013 // Portrait-Robot    
  2012 // Grow




In collaboration with Guillaume André.

The user models his object as a landscape, playing on reliefs and pikes generated by its movements. The robot reinterprets this draft to make a piece made unique by the dichotomy existing between the precision of the robot and the randomness of the magnetism.

The developed process allosw the object to shape itself magically in front of the eyes of the spectator. The matter rises into the air, it seems to defy gravity and generates mineral tree structures, giving life to a curiosity born of a close relationship between human and machine.





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