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  2019 // Matter Matters
  2018 // Poudre aux yeux
  2018 // The Tillers’ Roaches
  2018 // Post industrial animism  
  2016 // Moskito 
  2015 // Corhea
  2014 // Parure
  2013 // Portrait-Robot    
  2012 // Grow



The Tillers’Roaches


The Tillers’ Roaches questions an odd ascertainment : humans seems to try to eradicate chosen species, such as cockroaches, because they are considered noisome. Therefore those particular living beings adapt themselves much more efficiently to our urban lifestyle than other - more protected and more considered - species that we try to preserve. Through this project, I choose to point out the control we exercise over other living entities.

By taming / leading cockroaches using electronic chips that are synchronized with sonic impulses, humans and cockroaches collaborate to create those astounding performances. Whether they provoke repugnance, admiration, amusement or empathy, they will change the way we look at these species. Far too long despised and hated - for no real reason other than our fear and prejudice - it is time for us to look at those species differently and to forge new relationships with them.

Dancing show

Painting performance







Synchronisation sound / signal


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