Xavier Montoy


  2019 // Matter Matters
  2018 // Poudre aux yeux
  2018 // The Tillers’ Roaches
  2018 // Post industrial animism  
  2016 // Moskito 
  2015 // Corhea
  2014 // Parure
  2013 // Portrait-Robot    
  2012 // Grow




Creation of a range of products fot the Louvre

I used the pattern not only simply out of pure fanciness but for them to become real fully-fledged elements vital to the object.
These grafts convey a function on a shap which is not quite an item by itself.

3D printing permits to create easy and quick ornaments which were hand-made in the 18th Century (such as acanthus leaves or volutes). This technique can easily remind of the reticulated ceramics used at the time.



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